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by Maiyannah Bishop (Evalyne)

Copyright (c) Maiyannah Bishop 2006-2018


Valkryior is my personal system for IRE muds (and other muds too, as well), or the latest iteration of it anyways. Anything I have automatically scripted, in my system, will be available here. In general, this means that a lot of messages will be condensed from many disparate lines into singular lines, several onerous tasks such as bashing are automated, and information is presented in a UI that I find pleasing.

This system isn't really designed or anyone but myself, I just make it available with the hope that perhaps someone else whom uses Mudlet and plays one of the supported MUDs may find it helpful. As such it is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose.

The primary appeal of the system is probably the UI, and you can feel free to just use that as a foundation for your own system so long as you follow the licensing terms.

If you do use my system and find it helpful or have any other comments, though, feel free to message me on Imperian at Havamal, or email

Oh, and just so that it's said, Valkyrior is not endorsed or offered by Iron Realms Entertainment or any other MUD developer. Valkyrior is an third-party development (made by me) that provides scripts for Mudlet that make life easier on IRE muds. It is not an IRE product nor is it supported by IRE and IRE is not responsible for it or anything that happens by running it. You run these scripts at your own risk.


This is a port of the original Valkyrior system to Mudlet.

IT IS NOT COMPLETE. It may catch fire and explode. It may crash your system and corrupt files. It might be terrible. You have been warned.


Valkryior requires an install of Linux, Mac, or Windows Mudlet. It should work on any port which is on 3.13 or beyond.

I can't say I do any backwards compatability testing - it may work on earlier versions of mudlet, it might not. The latter is much more likely, though.


TODO: Add how to install the package.

Installation for developers

If you are planning to code on Valkryior, follow this setup!

  1. Clone the Git repository.
  2. Run the following in Mudlets input line. It'll ask you for the scripts_valkyrior.xml location and then it'll ask you to enable sync: lua local a=""local b="ValkyriorBootstrap"function d(c,e)if not e:find(b,1,true)then return end installPackage(e)os.remove(e)setupValkryior()end registerAnonymousEventHandler("sysDownloadDone","d")downloadFile(getMudletHomeDir()..(a:ends("xml")and"/"..b..".xml"or"/"..b..".zip"),a)

To submit changes:

  1. Hit Save Profile
  2. Commit and push in your Git client.


For how to use the system, see


This should work pretty much out of the box, but for advanced configuration options, see


Valkyrior has two specific versions, that are available under two different licenses:

Free version available via Git

The free version of Valkyrior is available under the GNU Affero General Public License. Please note that the GNU AGPL has one specific requirement above and beyond the normal GNU GPL most are familiar with: If you modify the system code, you MUST make your changes available freely, and under the same license. You cannot withhold these changes. See

Commercial version

For those whom do not want to contribute their code back to Valkyrior for whatever reason they choose, I offer licensing under a paid, proprietary license, for ingame credits in Imperian. See

Frankly though, I urge you to just submit your code back to the free version and use that one.

A final licensing note

All this license faff applies to the code underlying Valkyrior and not to the images used. See for the image licensing.


This code is provided as is and with no promise of support, but if you do have problems you can post on the Imperian forums, I monitor the threads there, or post on 's community. You can also find support on our discord, available at

Making a release

  1. Zip up everything in this repository (except valkyrior-complete.xml and other omnibus packages)
  2. Upload the zip somewhere.
  3. Update the URL in the code below and tell people to run it to install the system: lua local a=""local b="Valkyrior"function d(c,e)if not e:find(b,1,true)then return end installPackage(e)os.remove(e)cecho("<lime_green>"..b.." installed!\n")end registerAnonymousEventHandler("sysDownloadDone","d")downloadFile(getMudletHomeDir()..(a:ends("xml")and"/"..b..".xml"or"/"..b..".zip"),a)

Doing it this way will get you a fair bit of valkryior's listed in the Package Manager - one for each xml. The other way to avoid that is:

  1. Zip up only config.lua, img, and valkryior-complete.xml.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above.


Licensing my work freely with something like the GNU AGPL is not me assigning any copyright to anyone but myself (or the other people whose contributions I have accepted.) All copyrights in Valkyrior remain mine and it is copyright (c) 2006-2018 Maiyannah Bishop.

See for extended credits