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  Mark Caudill f5eddcd2d4 Update copyrights from 2016-2017 to 2016-2018. 3 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 4a6b26bb33 Update README.md with the new locations for gitea post-mig 3 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop c61c061a30 Coding standards pass in ActivityModeration module 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 7c4ce28005 Add decode function to FederateDiaspora 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 94f265d7de Add AES encrypt/decrypt functions to FederateDiaspora 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 329655bd95 Add verify_magic_envelope function, some docs, to FederateDiaspora 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 5698ac18b6 Initial module commit. 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop f2a9cde0bf Documentation for Activity module 8 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 962e6b4d07 Merge branch 'nightly' of git@git.postactiv.com:postActiv/postActiv.git into nightly 9 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 4ed4dc15cf Add draft icons to repo for now. 9 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 063a28e310 Merge branch 'exporter-fix' into 'nightly' 10 months ago
  Francis f574c8ffda Fix script require so that backupuser.php works 10 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop b455aa882d Merge branch 'nightly' into 'nightly' 11 months ago
  A. Malacoda 92090bebf8 fix mention of renamed GNUsocial class 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 0531c469b4 Merge branch 'mysql5.5-fix' into 'nightly' 11 months ago
  Francis 18ff099573 Add more version checks 11 months ago
  Francis 77818d4198 Fix version check; use simpler mysqli_get_server_version function instead 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 38a82fc594 Merge branch 'mysql5.7-fix' into 'nightly' 11 months ago
  Normandy f826f8812e Remove warning now that issue is fixed 11 months ago
  Normandy e841090be6 Poll now works fully 11 months ago
  Francis 5e03312402 add another selectAdd() call 11 months ago
  Normandy 3e762f0169 Add another comment 11 months ago
  Normandy 71427fba31 Add errata to the Poll plugin README until there is a good way to actually fix this 11 months ago
  Normandy 6300f9bbcd Restore install.php 11 months ago
  Normandy 9388ff6a96 SHould work now 11 months ago
  Francis 84b9a4c85e Escape dot in version regex 11 months ago
  Francis eabec883e6 Set default value of datetime columns to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 2c15bd879e Merge branch 'syntax-check' into 'nightly' 11 months ago
  Francis 5adab2b353 Minor fix to syntax_check.sh 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 15893f1c70 Add notice_prefs from upstream to fix errors related to #135 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 84262b9eb3 Shift event timing to see if this avoids TypeErrors with $feed (#135) 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 396e8faf7d Hotfix for federation failures (issue #135) 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 73e3942845 Release candidate 1 for 1.0.3 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 53cfa22c4a Thanks to @kitredgrave@socially.constructed.space for finding the Blacklist reference 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop f87c8b5bf1 These files will need header fixes, but otherwise can just force prefer upstream. 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 06079a4f21 Best way to resolve the circular reference we see in #135 might be to hack out the event for now. 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 428174146c Hotfix for the event in modules Ostatus/classes/FeedSub 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 38f02fcf8d Merge branch 'master' of git@git.postactiv.com:postActiv/postActiv.git into nightly 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop a2079aeb8c Code documentation for classes/Login_token 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop b61ee3d918 Fix tail in Profile_prefs.php 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop b87a29a994 Code documentation for classes/Profile_block 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop a557626b09 Make titles fall in line with filenames since this helps ND search. 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 5ac99e5860 Code documentation for classes/Location_namespace.php 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 1181d4f31c Fix tail in classes/File.php 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop ddfb9fc782 Code documentation HTML files [re]generation 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop b17497b6e2 Properly document modules/OStatus/classes/Ostatus_profile 11 months ago
  Maiyannah Bishop bddaa3051d Some documentation cleanup in modules/OStatus/classes/HubSub 1 year ago
  Maiyannah Bishop bb53792f83 Ostatus_profile was missing docs, so we can force resolve to remote 1 year ago
  Maiyannah Bishop b4d26809ed Manual merge of modules/OStatus/classes/HubSub.php 1 year ago
  Maiyannah Bishop 47e472232e Fix tail I notced missing in /modules/Oembed 1 year ago