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Credits for postActiv

We firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due, and postActiv represents not only the work of our own team, but also the work of those that came before us: GNU social and StatusNet. Listing everyone was onerous for the readme, so here there are in a separate file!

If you have contributed to postActiv, or the upstream sources (GNU social, StatusNet, or Laconica) in the past, but aren't mentioned here, please let us know so we can add you! As well, if you have contributed and are here, but for whatever reason do not wish to be, just let us know and we will remove the credit.

postActiv Team

Lead Developer


Financial Supporters

  • Thomas Karpiniec
  • Sonya Mann

GNU social Team

  • Matt Lee
  • Mikael Nordfeldth

StatusNet Team


  • Evan Prodromou
  • Zach Copley


  • Earle Martin
  • Marie-Claude Doyon
  • Sarven Capadisli
  • Robin Millette
  • Brion Vibber
  • James Walker
  • Samantha Doherty
  • Florian Biree
  • Erik Stambaugh
  • 'drry'
  • Gina Haeussge
  • Tryggvi Björgvinsson
  • Adrian Lang
  • Ori Avtalion
  • Meitar Moscovitz
  • Ken Sheppardson
  • Simon Waters, Surevine
  • Joshua Judson Rosen (rozzin)

Additional Contributors

  • Ciaran Gultnieks
  • Michael Landers
  • Ori Avtalion
  • Garret Buell
  • Mike Cochrane
  • Matthew Gregg
  • Sean Murphy
  • Leslie Michael Orchard
  • Eric Helgeson
  • Ken Sedgwick
  • Brian Hendrickson
  • Tobias Diekershoff
  • Dan Moore
  • Fil
  • Jeff Mitchell
  • Brenda Wallace
  • Jeffery To
  • Federico Marani
  • mEDI
  • Brett Taylor
  • Brigitte Schuster
  • Craig Andrews
  • Donald Robertson
  • Deb Nicholson
  • Ian Denhart
  • Steven DuBois
  • Blaine Cook
  • Henry Story
  • Melvin Carvalho
  • chimo
  • Akio
  • Bob Mottram


  • Siebrand Mazeland
  • Tiago 'gouki' Faria