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Several example plugins are included in the plugins/ directory. You can enable a plugin with the following line in config.php:

    addPlugin('Example', array('param1' => 'value1',
                               'param2' => 'value2'));

This will look for and load files named 'ExamplePlugin.php' or 'Example/ExamplePlugin.php' either in the plugins/ directory (for plugins that ship with StatusNet) or in the local/ directory (for plugins you write yourself or that you get from somewhere else) or local/plugins/.

Plugins are documented in their own directories.

Additional information on using and developing plugins can be found at the following locations:

You can find postActiv's own repository of user plugins at:

If you wish access to the gitlab install for purpose of creating your own plugin project, we'd love that! Just email to ask and one of the administrators will create an account for you.