The official, canonical postActiv repository.

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This directory contains Vagrant build instructions to make it easy to test postActiv.

To run it should be sufficient to simply go into one of the subdirs and run vagrant up. When developing you'll probably want to run vagrant rsync-auto in the same dir as well as that keeps the source dir in the virtual machine in sync with your host system. You can find your instance at http://localhost:8080, the admin account username is admin, password admin.

Note that the php7 playbook requires vagrant > 1.8.1 due to ubuntu Xenial installing a newer ansible than vagrant 1.8.1 expects.

Internally the provisioning (getting a VM just right so postActiv will run in it) is done with Ansible, see playbook.yml.

The machines currently are all Debian based, so you can find the apache logs under /var/www/apache2 (you'll need to sudo to read them). The GNU Social logs are usually best viewed with journalctl.


The apache-php7-mariadb setup contains Phan, a PHP static analyzer. To run it simply run vagrant up in the apache-php7-mariadb dir and then vagrant ssh -c './'. Be prepared for rather a load of output.



  • Debian Jessie (8.0)
  • Apache with mod_php
  • PHP5
  • MySQL


  • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)
  • Apache with FastCGI proxy
  • PHP5 (with FPM)
  • MariaDB
  • Bonus: phan installed (see Phan section)